Shane Ros


Son, Grandson, Brother, Cousin, Outdoor Enthusiast, Fisherman, Cyclist, Videographer and PHOENIX

While going through some adversity, someone led me to an article posted on another blog. The encouragement I received from the post provided me great peace of mind and gave me a new perspective. It helped me to realize that we as human beings are all going through the same struggles, adversities and problems. The next day while doing my daily journaling I realized that my experiences, emotions, and opinions may encourage others in the same way they encouraged me. After doing a little research and figuring out how to start a blog here we are. There is nothing worse than feeling alone in your fight against the world. I hope you are encouraged and remember….YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!



7 replies

  1. love your work man !I write myself thinking about making one of these

  2. Hey Shane!
    Thanks for following me on my blog. Looking forward to digging into yours too!
    God bless!
    – Zer

  3. Neither you nor I am alone in this world.
    We have our setbacks, struggles and failures.
    These should not subdue or drown us.
    Thanks for the follow.
    Meenas Poems transcribes what is not transcribed.
    It is different.
    Hope you like the poems.
    All the best.

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