One word, four letters.

Powerful enough to cripple a spirit,

Strong enough to paralyze a soul.

Fear of spiders, heights, or public speaking,

All scary but none are really fear.

True fear lies within,

Evil, greed, pride, regret.

Fear has nothing to do with the world,

The biggest fear is deep within the soul.

Inner darkness, inner light, personal thoughts and mind

These are far more scary than the things of the world.

True courage is digging deep inside the soul and facing what is found.


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3 replies

  1. Deep stuff, I enjoyed this. Keep on writing man!

  2. Spread the word!! More than one need to hear this!

  3. Reblogged this on SHANE ROS and commented:

    This poem is one that I wrote a while back but felt the urge to post this morning. We all have those days when life knocks us down. It beats us up and shows us no mercy. If we allow it to do so fear creeps in. Thankfully all of us have something deep inside we can call on called courage.

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