So I just started this blog and realized that so far it’s just a bunch of poems with no author. For the sake of those reading this, I thought I would say a little about myself so you all could have some sort of idea of who’s work you’re reading.

Hello my name is Shane Ros. I was born in Houston, Texas and am 22 years old. I grew up in Katy, Texas and attended Cinco Ranch High School. I currently attend the University of Houston where I play football for the Cougars.

Although I am an athlete that does not define me. I am so much more than that. I am a Christian, a son, brother, grandson, cousin, student, outdoor enthusiast, writer and part time poet. You may have read my previous posts and laughed at me calling myself a poet. That’s fine because I don’t believe you have to be great at something to be worthy of a title. You see, to me if you truly love something and are passionate about it nobody can take it away from you. No teacher, no friend, not even a parent can tell you who you are. You’re the only one who knows your deepest passions and feels your heart beating when doing something you love. Follow that heartbeat! Whatever brings pure joy to your soul do it!

Since high school I have kept a journal and written about things going on in my everyday life. Some things serious, others comical, but I always found something to say. After thinking about some of the things I’ve written and realizing how much this form of release helped sort out my internal struggles I decided it may help someone else too. Maybe you will realize you’re not alone in what your going through or maybe you’ll crack a joke at my expense. As long as it spreads hope, joy or a good laugh then my job has been done.

I look forward to you joining me on my pursuit of happiness.




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