Happy Mother’s Day

I don’t know how to thank you,
theres nothing I can do.
To repay you for your goodness,
and all the love your due.
It would take me a lifetime and a half,
to repay all my debts.
So on this very Mother’s Day
I’d like to place a bet.
I bet that you’ve done for me,
more than you will ever know.
To prove my point I’ll make a list
of all the love you show.
Waking me up at the break of dawn,
getting me ready for school.
Making sure my outfit was right,
so other kids would think I was cool.
Keeping me home when I was sick,
even when you knew I was faking.
Just so we could be together,
To make up for time school was taking.
Holding on tight in my teens,
when I desperately tried to break free.
Loving me still even though,
all was thinking about was me.
Helping me move to college,
even though it broke your heart.
You had to let go sometime,
but you thought it was too early to start.
So today I’d like to thank you,
for loving me all the time.
I’m so blessed to have you Mom,
and am proud to call you mine.


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