“The Living Word”

photo 1

Rage creeping in

photo 2

Doubt seizing its opportunity

Three. The number of times I have had my ACL reconstructed. Three. The number of times I have looked at a future full of uncertainty and seemingly shattered dreams. Once is bad luck, twice is unfortunate, but three times! Come on! Many guys play their whole careers without blowing out their knee and somehow I’ve managed to do it a whopping three times! Following this most recent tear I had quite the encounter with a familiar foe. Below is my best recollection of the grueling ordeal.

Immediately after tearing my acl, meniscus and mcl, Rage rushed to the front of my emotions. Standing there front and center I gave him all the attention he desired. Following Rage’s standing ovation, Doubt took the stage. Doubt jumped at the opportunity to steal the show and was able to perform for many days. Doubt soaked up the spotlight and was drawing record crowds night after night, eventually putting all the other emotions out of business. One night Doubt performed a great piece on athletic careers being over. The next night consisted of an argument questioning the existence of God. Regardless of the topic, big or small, Doubt was a hit.

On the other side of town lived a man named Hope. From a distance Hope looked on at Doubt’s success with a sad heart. He knew that as long as Doubt remained the main attraction I was going no where fast. So he began devising a plan to recapture my mind from Doubt. Hope started off small, performing at a few local hole in the walls, seldom showing himself out on the town, for he knew that a strong performance was needed to uproot the current superstar. Soon his act was perfect. In fact, it was no “act” at all. What Hope learned garnered the most attention was a little dose of Truth.

With Truth, Hope was able to change the hearts of all those in attendance. When standing on stage Hope would bring out his special guest and simply read Truth. At first many of those in the audience were up in arms, throwing things on the stage and demanding something real or at least entertaining. But after a few tense moments the crowd settled, surprising even themselves when they began to listen to what Hope was reading. They soon realized that Truth was in fact real! He was somehow both word and living. Confused at how such a thing even existed they decided to call the show “The Living Word”.

Slowly but surely the “Living Word” began driving Doubt out of town. Doubt’s ticket sales were dropping lower and lower each week, until one day no one showed up. Hope and Truth had done it! They had won me back! All they needed was a chance. They were an act that needed to be seen only once to change a life, just once to recapture a soul.

My life did a 180 after seeing their performance and has no intentions of turning back. I finally have my spirit back and it is eternally here to stay. Three times? No problem. All I needed was a little Hope with a full serving of Truth.


The Living Word

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