God’s Children

We are all God’s children,

He loves us all the same.

He knows every move we make,

He knows us all by name.

Regardless of our choices,

through our triumphs and mistakes

If we choose to turn to Him,

He will gladly show His face.

No matter how far we try to run,

or where we choose to hide.

We cannot escape His presence,

that lives within us deep inside.

His spirit will never leaves us,

of this we have no choice.

So flee from all the commotion,

and listen closely for His voice.

Follow that voice as best you can,

wherever it chooses to go.

Cause if it decided to bring you there,

It will protect you this I know.

This task may not be simple,

It’s easier said than done.

But there is somebody helping,

It’s Jesus God’s only Son.

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