Dream On

Everything in life is structured. Each second is accounted for and every minute marked. Plans are made weeks in advance and schedules are filled with no room for error. Everywhere you look people are in chains, held captive by their daily routines.

Look into their eyes, the agony is easy to spot. The yearning for adventure boils deep within their soul like a caged lion anticipating release. Yet, for some reason the cage never opens. The lock remains untouched, trapping the helpless beasts inside.

Days, months, even years pass and the longing for freedom fades. The raging fire that once was, has dwindled to a powdery ash. Pretty soon memories vanish and all traces of the past disappear. The dreams of freedom, longings for adventure, and hunger for the unknown are nowhere to be found.

Somewhere a long the way they lost their hope. The passions of their youth were replaced with responsibilities of the real world and their desires for adventure were traded for the comfort and security of their own home. Somehow they allowed a world that steams with jealousy at their youthful freedom, to steal it and watch in pleasure as they struggled to conform to its standards.

The world will suck the life right out of them if they let it. Destruction, pain, sorrow and heartache hide behind every corner. No matter which way they turn adversity is sure to follow. They can’t escape it, they can’t hide from it. It follows them everywhere, breaking them down little by little until they finally give up.

Thankfully they have a choice. They can choose to be paralyzed by the world or they can choose to run. They can run with their arms wide open, the wind in their hair, the sun in their face, and soak in all these experiences for what they really are…LIFE. The only people that can take away their freedom is themselves.

No matter what situation they’re in or what hand life deals, it is their outlook that dictates their destiny. Life happens. It is inevitable and that’s okay. Without pain they would know no joy.

Sadly, so many have let go, which is why you must hold on.  Hold on for yourselves. Hold on for your family. Hold on for your friends. Hold on for the world. All it takes is one person to change everything, one person to give others hope. One spark in a world of darkness is enough to illuminate the globe.

Be the light.

Individuality is a gift from God. Please don’t let the world take it away.

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