10 Seconds of Courage

God works in truly amazing ways. Tonight I was leaving midtown with a buddy when a homeless man approached asking for some money. He was very upfront with us telling us, “I’m only asking for money so I can get some beer and crash under the bridge. I ain’t gonna lie to ya’ll.”

I appreciated his honesty and we pulled together a couple of bucks to meet his request. He thanked us and I was seconds from turning back towards my car when I noticed a hollowness in his eye. Something inside me told me to say something but I was fighting it with all my might. I thought to myself, “He’s hopeless. I can’t make a difference. I’m wasting my time.” Then I remembered a quote I heard a couple of months back. “LOVE PEOPLE MORE THAN YOU FEAR THEM.”

How powerful those words are! With my 10 seconds of courage I decided to share with him my Savior Jesus Christ. I figured the worst thing that could happen was he’d blow me off and I’d never see him again, so I decided to give it a shot.

I knew from personal experience that I shouldn’t push him and come off judgmental or forceful (I was turned off by this as a nonbeliever) so I simply asked him if he knew Jesus. He answered yes and I proceeded to tell him that Jesus loved him and had bigger plans or him than getting drunk and passing out under a bridge. He didn’t say much in return but he didn’t have to. He simply nodded his head. The look in his eyes said it all.

As I looked deep into his eyes I saw the look of sorrow. I saw the look of a man who knew what he was missing out on. I saw the look of a man who wanted more. I ended our encounter by telling him that I loved him and encouraging him to seek more out of life.

I then continued my walk to my car and drove home. Along the way my friend and I were discussing the recent event and were extremely optimistic about the potentially changed life we encountered. Throughout the drive home we couldn’t help but think that this guy had a chance. He might not have cared at all and he might have been a great actor duping us for money, but there was a slight chance that he’d eventually give his life to Christ. That sliver of a chance gave us a hope  we couldn’t let go of so we decided to take things a step forward.

I had a few extra Bibles hanging around the house so I decided it was my duty to bring him one. I knew the chances of me finding this man were slim to none but I figured if God had put it on my heart then He would find a way to make it happen. So we grabbed a spare Bible and high-tailed it back to the street where we met him.

After making a lap we didn’t see him and assumed it just wasn’t meant to be.  Then on the next street corner we saw him. He had 2 beers in his hands and was well on his way to his goal. I pulled up next to him and motioned him over to my car. As soon as he walked up he recognized the 2 crazy preacher guys who were talking crazy earlier.

In spite of any doubts he might have had, he approached us with a smile on his face. I handed him the Bible and told him to take it. Being careful not to pressure him to much I told him that he didn’t have to read it now, tomorrow or the next day. I simply asked that he would hold onto it and open it when the time felt right.

He obliged and thanked us for our gift and told us that he would read it as soon as he sobered up in the morning. Hearing those words out of his mouth made me want to scream “Hallelujah!!!” at the top of my lungs but I somehow refrained. I knew deep down in my heart that this guy had hope. I knew there was hope that we had made a difference to this man and I was ecstatic.

The whole situation was a testament to the quote that I now vow to live my life by, “LOVE PEOPLE MORE THAN YOU FEAR THEM.” I was seconds away from deciding to spare myself the chance of being laughed at by a homeless man. Instead I mustered up my 10 seconds of courage and decided to give it a go. My love for this man drove out my fear and I potentially saved a soul for God’s kingdom. Doing this was something that I had never done before and completely new to me, but after tonight I plan on making it commonplace. Y

With God on your side all things are possible!

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  1. Powerful story! You and your friend were truly walking out your faith. It isn’t always comfortable, but it is what we are called to do. You never know what that Bible will do for this man. It may be what he decides to turn to one day instead of liquor and what a blessing that would be. Thanks for the encouraging post. Blessings!

  2. “Love people more than you fear them,” is now one of my favorite quotes. Thank you so much for sharing it and the powerful story that goes with it!

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