Month: August 2013

My Gift

Lord please forgive me, for straying from Your word. The punishment for my sin is death, and it’s death that I deserve.   Yet somehow You forgive me, not because of what I’ve done. But because of the love You showed… Read More ›


Somewhere along my journey, I completely lost myself. Opened my eyes one morning, and in the mirror was somebody else. How could I let this happen? When did life become a lie? My identity was hijacked
, by a world that… Read More ›


Anyone claiming to have it together, is surely telling a lie. They promise to have it all figured out, but have skeletons smiles can’t hide. After appearing so perfect from a distance, they come in for a closer look. when… Read More ›

Rainy Days

Life intends to rob us, of ourselves and all we love. It knocks us down and beats us up, until we’re forced to look above. We wonder why God allows it, the heartache, guilt and pain? As we pray for… Read More ›


What keeps someone going, when all around them falls apart? Is it hope for a better future? Or the promise of a fresh start? Where do they find the will to push forward? Where do they summon their faith? The… Read More ›


Footprints litter the darkest path, As far as the eye can see. Only a few have reached the end, Stretching forever so it seems. Countless steps, endless miles, Eventually one loses hope. But for those who endure until the end,… Read More ›

10 Seconds of Courage

God works in truly amazing ways. Tonight I was leaving midtown with a buddy when a homeless man approached asking for some money. He was very upfront with us telling us, “I’m only asking for money so I can get… Read More ›