Take the Lead

I fake a smile so they can’t see,

the pain of distant memories.

From a past I can’t forget,

reminded by demons who just won’t quit.


I’ve tried to run but there’s no where to hide,

so I lay here in silence closing my eyes.

Trying to imagine a world without pain,

a world  without guilt, a world without shame.


But I open my eyes to the same old place,

the one I despise and long to replace.

Maybe one day this world will change,

but the longer I wait the more it’s the same.


So it starts with me, the one typing these words,

to give others a glimpse of the world they deserve.

A world where the good triumphs the bad,

where children are happy and parents are glad.


I can only imagine the way it would be,

if we opened our eyes and started to see.

The people around us outside of ourselves,

begging for change and screaming for help.


With outstretched arms we’d offer a hand,

to save our neighbor and change our land.

Then others would notice our single good deed,

and follow behind if we would just lead.


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4 replies

  1. This is awesome Shane…..I shared it with some people at my church who are leading our community outreach project this weekend. I look forward to reading more of what you write. Thanks for following me at missistine.com. It is great to have a new friend who loves Jesus…..

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. It means the world to me knowing that my work is making an impact for others and I pray it continues to do so. Keep up the good work on your site and I will be keeping up with your posts. God bless.

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