I’ve danced with the devil a time or two
and it’s always the same ole song.
A familiar jig that goes like this
if you care to sing along.

“Look at me boy, I’ve got it good,
the whole whole world is at my feet.
and if you join me you can have it too,
together we can’t be beat.”

It sounded good so I obliged
the deal was too good to turn down.
But little did I know the trouble to come
when my life would turn upside down.

Despite all the power and all the wealth
I felt something was missing inside.
It was a hollowness that couldn’t be filled,
I was living but wasn’t alive.

It didn’t make sense I should have been thrilled,
I had the life of most men’s dreams.
But that constant aching inside my soul
reminded me things are not as they seem.

Somehow all the possessions that I had attained,
still failed to quench my thirst.
So I searched for answers all over the world,
but this still only made things worse.

Until one day the music changed tune
to a song that was soothing and sweet.
A song from above and not of this world,
suddenly filled my soul with great peace.

From where did this come! For now I must know
the source of this life giving spring.
Then my questioned was answered by a calm, gentle voice
“It is Jesus your Savior and King.”

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