Sail Away


Boats at rest in the harbor,

dream about a life at sea.

Longing for a new tomorrow,

and the grand adventure it might bring.

But for now they sit in silence,

just staring at the ocean blue.

Watching waves roll together,

wondering if the tales are true.

Stories of ships that sailed before them,

some of which never returned.

Stricken with fear, could they continue,

On the path for which they always yearned?

Between the waves and beasts below them,

danger is plenty all around.

So is it worth the risk and trouble,

To leave a harbor, so safe and sound?

If they stayed life would be easy,

just sitting in comfort by the shore.

But all the while they would wonder,

if their life was meant for so much more.

The only way to know the answer,

is to cut the rope that holds them tight.

and sail right out into the vastness,

where there is no land or shore in sight.

Once they do they’ll find the answers,

to all the questions which they ask.

Like are their boards prepared for battle?

and are there sails up to the task?

Success or failure does not matter,

What matters is that an answer’s found.

Because far worse than the greatest failure,

Is sitting at harbor without a sound.


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  1. Really love “Sail Away”. Did u write it or did someone else write it and u posted it? It sounds to me like u wrote it….

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