Let me tell y’all a little story about sin.
Yes that three letter word, I’ll say it again….SIN.
Do I have to spell it out for you S – I – N.

So sin is this thing that separates us from God,
There’s no way around it, he’s perfect , we’re not….
Our flesh is just evil, I’m sorry it’s true
Don’t believe me? That’s fine, but if Im right that’s on you.

Now the penalty is steep and failure means death,
so before you try hard and give it your best,
know the grading is done from birth to last breath,
and a single mistake means failing the test.


I know…. it’s a lot to take in,
the punishment’s severe, so I’ll let it sink in.

Eternal separation from heaven and God.
Eternity in hell, where the fire is hot.

So you still wanna try to live right on your own?
Think you can win God’s approval and a spot in his home?
Remember you’re mortal, nothing more than a man.
So what can you offer a God who holds the world in is hands?

Not much huh, I know it sucks,
to have to please a God you can’t see, hear or touch.
The Pharisees tried by upholding the law,
but even they couldn’t escape death, and it comes for us all.

So why even try if failure is certain?
Why even try if God lowered the curtain?

But the show isn’t over, and it doesn’t end there,
for God showed us mercy, oh how deeply he cares.

He sent his son down to earth, a boy born in a manger,
the savior of man, who we perceived as a danger.

A danger to religion, a threat to the law,
so we nailed him to the cross and we raised him up tall.
It was there that He saved us once and for all,
by taking our sins and enduring them all.

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