The same scars that cover my heart,
Plaster my broken soul.
Marking a past I long to forget,
But carry with me as I grow.

Scars from dreams crushed to soon,
snatched away in a twist of fate.
Others from loved ones stripped of life
carried away to earthly graves.

Scars that still aren’t fully healed,
although I try to numb the pain.
Scars that just won’t go away
So I cry and curse your name.

Scars from life’s great disappointments
By myself and those I love.
Scars from the pain I’ve suffered and caused,
Prompting questions to God above.

Why have you ignored your pleading child?
Why have you left me all alone?
Why have you left me covered in scars?
Why do you have a heart of stone?

Why do you ignore my desperate prayers?
Why don’t you answer when I call?
Then I’m reminded of your Son on the cross,
and suddenly my scars seem so small.

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