Pads pop. Whistles blow. Points are scored. Excitement grows.   Fans scream. Coaches yell. Players cramp. It’s hot as hell.    Willing to win. Refusing to lose. Accepting the price. Paying the dues.   Enduring the pain. Rejecting defeat. Fighting… Read More ›

“The Living Word”

Three. The number of times I have had my ACL reconstructed. Three. The number of times I have looked at a future full of uncertainty and seemingly shattered dreams. Once is bad luck, twice is unfortunate, but three times! Come on!… Read More ›

The Trains Leavin’

Bright lights, No ties. Packed stands, The will to survive. Win and move on, Lose and go home. Mistakes are made, Calls are blown. The stakes are high, So is the reward. It’s playoff time, Bandwagon fans hop on board.

No Longer a Rookie

With surgery now less than a week away I wanted to do be as active as possible before being cooped up for a couple of weeks. So yesterday I participated in a 2.5 mile SUP race in Galveston, Tx followed… Read More ›

Fighting Back

Bony knuckles crash into your skull, sending shockwaves down your spine. Your reaction is to shrink and cower, or lay there to moan and whine. But your pride yells something different, the complete opposite in fact. Instead of saying, “shrink… Read More ›