Dream Date Gone Wrong

Im sure at some point you have dreamed of a romantic evening with none other than…..your bed. Forget about a pretty girl or handsome guy, they are not worth the trouble. Why trade the comfort and relaxation of your own bed for the stress and awkwardness of a first date. Your bed doesn’t ask you any questions. Your bed doesn’t care what you look like and for the ladies, your bed doesn’t even care what you wear! Everything about a bed is perfect! It is a give take relationship. The bed gives you a place to rest and lay down all your worries while you simply take what is offered. Things couldn’t be better! Right!?

Wrong…. Terribly wrong.

You see I thought I had everything figured out. I was getting surgery and would be forced to relax for a while,  so I called up my bed to make sure she was free. Thankfully no one else was planning on sleeping in my room, so she was available. I was flooded with excitement as I thought about our time together. No homework, no workouts, no practice, no taking out the trash, no anything! We were going to spend an entire weekend watching t.v., listening to music, eating whatever we pleased and of course, catching up on a semester’s worth of missed sleep. It seemed as if things couldn’t be any more perfect! Unfortunately looks cane be deceiving.

Our romantic weekend started out better than we could have ever imagined. We were young and in love, without a worry in the world. Two lovebirds reunited after years apart catching up on lost time. We watched movies and cuddled under the covers, doing everything we had planned. Seconds turned to minutes, minutes turned to hours, before we knew it we had made it through the first day without so much as an argument. Things were better than ever and it was obvious we hadn’t skipped a beat.

When the sun came up the next morning we were both eager to start day two. We tossed around ideas about what to do and discussed a multitude of options. Watch a movie? Already did that. Take a nap? We just woke up. Read a book? You finished it yesterday. It became apparent that every idea we came up with had already been done.

There was no way that after a mere day of being back together we could run out of things to do. We still had to get to know each other. We still had stories to tell. We still had jokes to crack. We still had secrets to share. But there were no more secrets, no more jokes, no more stories, and we already knew everything there was to know about one another.

You see, our seemingly perfect relationship was shaping up to be not so perfect. Life is mighty boring when you don’t get out of bed. All  the things that you long to get away from, all the things pushing you to a date with your bed, those are the things worth living for. Those are the things life is about! Because a life lived in bed isn’t a life worth living. Hiding from experiences, emotions and hardships does not make life easier, it makes life miserable. In order to get the the full experience, you have to get out into the world and truly live. Get out of bed and take a risk. Go out there and make your dream date all you desired it to be. Go ask out the prettiest girl in the world. And whatever you do steer clear of the siren that is your bed.

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