The Night

photo 2

Blue skies fill the horizon,

farther than the eye can see.

In the distance the moon is risin’,

climbing high above the trees.

The sky grows darker by the second,

pretty soon all vision is lost.

Still all around feels pleasant,

As the leaves are slowly covered with frost.

This night will be a long one,

with hours before morning arrives.

So begins the wait for the sun,

and the test of one’s will to survive.

The night grows increasingly eerie,

when a pack of wolves start to howl.

Still the soul never grows weary,

even though all around it goes foul.

It continues to trust in its instinct,

through the madness that lives all around.

See the plans it owns are so distinct,

Without a doubt this soul will be found.

The plan requires full submission,

A relinquishing of all control.

The advantage of the plan is its vision,

of the future and all that it holds.

If the soul trusts in the plan,

and sticks to it with all of its might.

Then even when darkness strangles the land,

the soul will soon see the light.

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