False Confidence






Yesterday I ventured to the music store, set on buying a new harmonica. Needless to say I may have gone a little overboard and caught a little bit of music fever. Once inside, I started looking around at all the instruments. Before I knew it I was Beethoven and had a sense of unmerited confidence in my musical ability. The piano, I could play that. The guitar, I could play that too. Instrument after instrument this continued, until I finally stumbled upon an ukelele. Naturally, my false confidence convinced me that I could play this instrument too. So when I saw a price that was somewhat affordable, I decided to purchase one along with my new harmonica.



Now in my mind I had convinced myself that learning the ukelele would be a piece of cake. I figured I would go home mess around with it, watch a few youtube videos, read a couple of how-to’s and I’d be a pro. Once agin my unwarranted confidence was setting me up for financial demise. Since I knew I would be able to play both, I was going to need the proper equipment to play at the same time. This lead me to the harmonica headset. What the headset does is allow you to play the harmonica hands free by holding it in front of your mouth for you. With free hands I would be able to play the harmonica and ukelele simultaneously.

I proceeded to the checkout line and upon reaching the counter I racked up a bill in excess of 200 dollars. Good thing my stipend just hit because my debit card was feeling extra light that day. After paying I proceeded home and unwrapped my new toys. I whipped out the ukelele and began to pick at it a little bit. It didn’t take me long to realize this was going to be a little harder than I thought.






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