The agony of  temptation

seems trivial compared to his sin.

The deal that outwardly looked so good

has gone sour once again.

But he knew this would happen

He’d been here often before.

Just succumb to the temptation,

and it will be gone again once more.

Oh how he wished it was that simple.

How easy life would be!

But reality proves much more difficult,

even unbearable so it seems.

A hopeless man trying his hardest

yet failing every test.

Looking for answers everywhere

trying to cheat his way out of this mess.

So his eyes begin wandering side to side

at the resources scattered around him

Until he spots an interesting book

and begins reading it on a whim.

Inside it he finds the answers

to the problems for which he searched.

So he calmly and confidently makes his choice,


Jesus Christ the Savior of Earth.



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