My greatest enemy is a piece of glass.

It’s a mountainous obstacle I can’t seem to pass.

Over, under, left and right,

every option has no path in sight.

I’m left with no choice but to break right through,

sparking a battle where fighting ensues.

So with clenched fists and a tightened jaw,

I begin to move forward but notice a flaw.

A tiny crack, the faintest of lines,

right down the middle a this miraculous sign.

I pushed on the crack and it started to grow.

Right, left, up, down, the crack went high and low.

The larger it got, the weaker it grew until finally it started to break.

When it did and crumbled to pieces, the glass discovered it’s fate.

The battle was over, the war was won until the next time I appeared

In front of the glass, that dreadful mirror and the person whom I most  fear.


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