Where do you turn when hope is gone,

Faith is lost and you can’t carry on.

Each step is painful,

every breath even worse.

All you seek is an answer,

to bring relief to the hurt.

But it better come fast,

because you’re starting to fade,

A moment or two longer,

will be a moment too late.

The clock strikes zero,

there’s not a second of  time.

The help you relied on,

turned out to be a lie.

But this isn’t so!

For you’ve been deceived.

Still the truth continues on!

It was the lie which you believed!

The truth did not waiver,

not once did it change.

It was you who’s faith flickered out,

then looked for someone to blame.

You lacked faith,

you thought it was over.

You assumed you were abandoned,

by an unfaithful lover.

But He was always there,

not once did He leave.

So shake away the doubts and fears,

and fill the void with belief.

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