The Purpose Driven Life

I am currently reading The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. This New York Times #1 Bestseller was written by Warren to help people find their purpose in life and answer the lingering question, “What on Earth am I here for?”

Two years ago I read this book for the first time. At that point in my life I was a baby in my faith and I found myself having a difficult time discovering what God wanted from me. I was being forced to pick a major and felt like my life was at a crossroads that splintered into a thousand directions. Thankfully I stumbled upon this book that helped me learn biblical ways to discover my purpose.

Well here I am two years later and my memory needs refreshing. This time around instead of flying through it, I will be reading just one chapter a day and journaling about it. I will post my daily reflections on here and keep you all updated with my progress.

God’s word says that two is greater than one so I invite anyone and everyone to begin this journey with me. I will start with Chapter 1 on Monday and will post about it the same day. This schedule will continue every day for the duration of the book. I look forward to reading and hope some of you will tag along.

See you tomorrow,


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