Power Surge

Pointing fingers all around,

blaming others for my transgressions.

Screaming at peers who don’t make a sound,

seeking the source of my aggression.

So I dive down deep within my soul,

where my darkest of demons reside.

The fear that lives here takes its toll,

I’ll be lucky to get out alive.

Here darkness engulfs me as I struggle to breathe,

The air in these depths is thin.

I hear sounds of screaming and the gnashing of teeth,

In this hell like place I’m in.

Now my lungs are failing, I’m gasping for air,

Coming down here was a fatal mistake.

In places like these no fight is fair,

Still I foolishly went for the bait.

The hook is set, there’s no shaking loose,

all hope appears gone to break free.

This feels like a fight I was destined to lose,

and was fixed for a generous fee.

But something happens and to my surprise,

I’m knocked down by a gust of wind.

Air fills my lungs and it seems I’ll survive,

as I find strength to rise up again.

As strength returns, I’m able to fight,

and I stand up to my relentless foes.

After first being paralyzed by their hideous sight,

a rush of confidence soothes my soul.

The power that fills me stretches beyond,

anything this world can dream up.

I ask for the source but no one responds,

so I drop to my knees and look up.

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