Jesus Bring The Rain

My soul is parched, withered and dry,

Jesus bring the rain.

This heat is brutal, I’m about to fry,

Jesus bring the rain.

If this drought continues I will surely die,

Jesus bring the rain.

Your presence brings peace money can’t buy,

Jesus bring the rain.

Break me down and watch me cry,

Jesus bring the rain.

Your perfect truth beats any lie,

Jesus bring the rain.

All I want is you  by my side,

Jesus bring the rain.

So end this drought and empty the sky,

Jesus bring the rain.

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5 replies

  1. “Your perfect truth beats any lie.” Love it! I love it because it’s so very true :). God’s truth beats any lie no matter how appealing the lie may be God’s truth wins every time!

    I pray the rain is falling in your life and that God continues to bless you richly. Thanks so much for following us; we were so happy to see your follow ‘star’ that we had to find out more about you. We know now that you are most definitely a poet! Keep it up!

    God bless,
    Rebecca (and Ma Chris too! :D)

  2. Great poem! I love “break me down and watch me cry”. Sometimes tears all we have when we talk to God and that’s perfectly ok with Him.

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