Feathers dance across the sky,
floating freely with the wind.
The grace with which they blow by,
makes one long to dance again.

Spins and dips, twists and turns,
the same move is never done twice.
Because with the wind you come to learn,
that such freedom comes at a price.

The freedom to move wherever you like,
with no one holding you back,
is a priceless gift that’s worth the fight,
which is why it’s under attack.

The enemy throws his fiery darts,
in an attempt to strike you down.
His flaming arrows are filled with guilt,
and produce the most gut-wrenching sound.

The hissing goes something like this,
“You must know you aren’t really free,
so stop living like you deserve such bliss,
and enter your guilty plea.”

But then you remember the reason your here,
and your freedom came at a cost.
With that ransom paid there’s no reason to fear,
for the freedom you have can’t be lost.

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