Racing Heart


My racing heart beats through my chest,
slowly breaking through skin and bones.
On nights like these it’s hard to rest,
I scream for help but no ones home.

Am I forsaken? Does anyone care?!
When will my desperate cries be heard?
My voice must be lost way up in the air,
somewhere high amongst the birds.

My heart beats harder than ever before,
I’m quickly running out of time.
The pain is now shaking and rattling my core,
if anyones out there please give me a sign.

I move my eyes in every which way,
I search for answers but to no avail.
With no other options I kneel down to pray,
Hoping that a higher power prevails.

Then a soothing stillness wraps around me,
like a child in a fathers arms.
The peace that follows is overwhelming,
for the first time I fear no harm.

No longer do I have a spirit of fear,
instead I’m filled with power and love.
I owe it to all to the one always here,
the one watching down from above.

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