Light in the Darkness


I wrestle with reason,
I struggle with doubt.
I question existence,
What is life about?

Is it acting with kindness,
Or helping a friend?
Is it granting forgiveness,
again and again?

Is it feeding the poor,
Or healing the sick?
Is it finding your passion,
and what makes you tick?

Is it offering help,
to a neighbor in need?
Is it loving a stranger,
Or a single good deed?

Is it hope for the hopeless,
when life gets too hard?
Is it rest for the restless,
when sleep seems so far?

Is it soothing a child,
as it cries for out for help?
Is it making the most,
out of the cards you were dealt?

Is defeating a bully,
when he picks on a friend?
Is lending a hand,
when there’s no hand to lend?

I believe it is true,
What they say about life.
In a world full of darkness,
You must be the LIGHT.

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2 replies

  1. Oh my word this is beautiful in every way. It touched the core of my soul. I have to ask how you feel about re-blogs? I keep them on my page for two days and then delete out of respect for the author. I would love to re-post this but respect if you aren’t comfortable with it. It is deeply moving, but please don’t feel pressured to say yes.

    • Thank you for the kind words. I would be honored if you re-blogged it. Don’t worry about taking it down. The more people it can impact the better. I hope it can move others as it moved you.

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