Open Your Eyes

Open your eyes so you can see
the desperate state of humanity.
The human race down on its knees,
ripped to pieces by deadly disease.

A disease where love and hate are the same,
Where lines are blurred in Jesus’ name.
It loves its neighbors and helps the lame,
while pointing fingers and dispersing the blame.

So quick to judge yet so slow to love.
So slow to accept yet so quick to shove.
The people are hurting from all the above,
And the only cure is Jesus’ love.

A love that has been so misconstrued,
a love that is perfect but often abused.
Its okay for people to have different views,
So don’t bash on the ones who think different than you.

Instead of looking for problems no matter how small,
and judging the ones who stumble and fall.
Just love them the same in spite of it all.
because he died for sinners, and all of their flaws.

I know the people are hurting from all of these lies,
planted by a disease that I myself despise.
Causing christians to fight when problems arise,
when the only solution is who’s living inside.

The answer is Jesus, its in his name alone,
That the world can be healed and true love can be known,
Because when God became man and stepped down from the throne,
He saved us from sin through the cross this is shown.

He died to save sinners, just like me and you
to beat this disease and pay all of our dues.
So accept his offer and stop trying to prove.
That you can earn his approval by the things that you do.

you can’t.

Dont make this mistake like all of the rest,
weren’t you warned of the pharisees and their prideful neglect.
Its not by your actions or deeds that your’e blessed.
but by the blood on the cross if you choose to accept.

The savior that died for all of our sins,
who defeated the grave and rose again.
So the battle is won there is nothing to win,
Salvation is ours, if we just believe in him.


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