Choose Jesus – Spoken Word

So there’s this guy named Jesus who was nailed to the cross for our sins.

But to truly get the message let me take you back to where it begins.


You see in the beginning there was Adam, a man born in a perfect world.

In the Garden of Eden he lived with Eve but soon all life would unfurl.


Adam and Eve had just one rule, don’t eat from this particular tree,

Everything else was for there for the taking in matter of fact it was free.


But after a little convincing from Satan to just give in and take a bite

From a tree that God himself had banned, there was no way to make it right.


Sin had now entered the world making everyone as good as dead.

Now the only way to earn salvation was to do everything God had said.


Follow his rules, work your hardest, be perfect and you’ll be saved!

But there’s not enough soap in the entire world to wash us clean before the grave.


Well shoot. There goes our chance. I guess all hope we once had is gone.

So we can now fill our lives with earthly sin, and live it up from dusk till dawn.


Partying, drinking, sex and drugs this generation screams YOLO right.

You only live once so do it big, sleep all day and party all night.


Besides what’s the point of trying to do good if there’s really nothing we can do,

Why not take that shot, or pop that pill, go ahead smoke that blunt too.


But God saw our predicament and had mercy for our souls.

And by grace he sent his son to earth to be hung on a wooden pole.


Born of a virgin, God in the flesh. He defeated this world but never stuck out his chest

He just loved unconditionally, his love was the best, then he sacrificed himself to save all the rest.


And what did we do? We turned our backs to the king.

We chose to live on our own and endure sin’s sting.


How could we do it?

How could we ignore all the signs.

Like the empty tomb three days later after Christ our Savior died.


Did we never consider that what he said might be true.

That he really is the Son of God and he chose to die for you.


What more did he have to do during his time here on earth?

What more did he have to do to prove his eternal worth?


So please stop ignoring the truth and turn from your wicked ways.

Get on your knees and ask forgiveness, here’s a little prayer to pray.


King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Oh Jesus the Prince of Peace!

I believe you are God’s only son and rose again to save the least.


You conquered the earth and defeated the beast.

It was the demons who fleed and the devil you beat.


So I fall to my knees and lay at your feet,

As I patiently wait for the day we can meet.


Oh….. I can only imagine what that day will be like.

When I stand in your presence and my sins are made right.


Not because of my works or anything that I’ve done.

But because of my faith in Jesus your one and only son.


Because it’s Jesus you see when I stand in your presence.

It’s Jesus you see, that much is apparent.


How else could you love such an imperfect man,

Who turned from your ways and mocked all of your plans.


You couldn’t.


You see God’s ways are perfect and everything he made was good.

And there’s nothing we can do to earn salvation, that much is understood.


On our own we’re all hopeless, there’s not one soul that’s good enough.

Cause God doesn’t care about earthly riches or any material stuff.


All he sees is whats inside, and who lives within our hearts,

And those who are filled with Jesus Christ have eternal life and a fresh start.


A chance to make things right with God, a chance to wipe a slate clean,

A chance to accept a precious gift, and forever be on his team.


Choose JESUS

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