Just Drive

February 10, 2020

I’ve spent the last month or so waiting for God to do something. Waiting for God to open a door, tell me what to do or direct me where to go. This seemed like the faithful thing to do. Obey God, follow His will and seek His direction. Unfortunately while I had good intentions, I think my heart has been misguided.

What I’ve excused as patience, has been an unwillingness to move. Crippling fear masquerading as courage and stoicism. Fear of making the wrong decision. Fear of going the wrong direction. Fear that has rendered me both useless and immobile.

So how do I overcome it? How do I get moving?

Last night I was spending time with God, praying for guidance and asking for answers. Asking him to speak to me and get me out of this rut.

He did.

Not audibly. I didn’t receive some great epiphany. The clouds didn’t part and Jesus didn’t appear. Instead, it was the small tugging on my heart. The Holy Spirit convicting me of my own sin and revealing the root of the problem. A lack if action.

This whole time I’ve been praying to God and asking him to move, He has been asking the same of me. He’s been begging me to step out in faith and join Him. It has been so evident that God wants me to walk WITH Him, not in front of or behind Him. He wants me to be a willing partner in this grand adventure we call life.

Look at it like this, what kind of road trip partner would you be if you made one person drive the whole way. At a certain point God is going to ask you to drive. This is not to be confused with doing things on your own. Some people might argue that I’m implying that we play God and take control of our own lives. This is not the case. In fact, it couldn’t be further from the truth.

You see, on a a road trip you have a destination. An end goal that you are driving towards. You plug it into the GPS and are given the directions to get there. Take a left here, turn right there, continue straight for X miles, but drive you must. You have to fill up the tank, take the car out of park and follow the path that is given to you because you won’t just magically arrive at the destination. God isn’t going to miraculously transport you there (although He could).


He wants you to drive with Him. He wants you to point out the roadside attractions. He wants you to take in the colors of the sunset and marvel with Him over the beauty of His creation.  He wants you to laugh, cry and share yourself with His along the way.

Th trip won’t be smooth. There might be some bumpy roads, where things get so rough you think about turning around. There will be traffic jams so long you start to question whether or not you’ll ever arrive. There will be car troubles where you have to patiently wait for assistance and rely on someone else to help you continue your journey. There will even be detour s where the path changes and you have to improvise along the way. All these things will come up and all these things will pass.

But the scariest thing.

The thing that terrifies me the most.

The wrong turn.

What if I take the wrong turn? Or miss my exit? What happens then? I might miss my destination and end up at the wrong place. I could get lost and God won’t find me. Will I ruin the whole trip?

Of course not.

That’s the thing about God. No matter how lost you get. No matter how for you wander off course, He can always find you. There’s no such thing as “No cell service” with God. Wherever you are just reach out. Invite Him back into the car. He will gladly get in and redirect you back to the road you need to be on. He will lead you to your final destination.

So stop living in fear. Don’t live life on autopilot. Don’t try to drive by yourself. Instead, take the wheel and ask God to join you on your grand adventure. Better yet, let him lead the way so you can JUST DRIVE.


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