Just Drive

February 10, 2020 I’ve spent the last month or so waiting for God to do something. Waiting for God to open a door, tell me what to do or direct me where to go. This seemed like the faithful thing… Read More ›


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My memory is failing, as I try to find my dreams. The harder I try the faster they flee, gone forever so it seems. Then there’s a flash, a glimmer of hope, as a foggy…


I dream of freedom. Freedom from the pain of my past. Freedom from this lot I’ve been cast. Freedom from my doubt and fear. Freedom from a future too clear. Freedom from my earthly sin. Freedom from the pain I’m… Read More ›


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I am nothing more than a hypocrite who cannot take his own advice. Quick to correct a stranger’s wrong but quick to excuse when mine. It does not matter what mistake I’ve made, whether it…

Rainy Days

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Life intends to rob us, of ourselves and all we love. It knocks us down and beats us up, until we’re forced to look above. We wonder why God allows it, the heartache, guilt and…