Duck Dynasty

Many of my friends, myself included, have been watching Duck Dynasty ever since it first aired. For those of you who have never seen it, the show follows a family from Monroe, Louisiana who made it big making duck calls. This backwoods bunch went from everyday rednecks to multimillionaires running their company, Duck Commander.

While the show is wildly entertaining (Uncle Si is something else), it breathes a breathe of fresh air to witness the family staying humble through the fame and doing it all for their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I commend A&E for airing a show that might not be “politically correct” by today’s standards and the Robertson family for staying true to their beliefs. Far too often, Hollywood goes above and beyond to keep Christ out of their movies and t.v. shows. To see them produce a reality show that not only is centered on Christ but also doesn’t include any cursing, drinking, or fighting is truly refreshing.

The family dynamic from top to bottom is really something special. The patriarch of the family, Phil Robertson, went from hard living, heavy drinking, out of control redneck; to Jesus seeking, gospel preaching family man after surrendering his life to Christ. His and Miss Kay’s relationship provides a great example of what a Godly marriage is supposed to look like and it is clear that their three sons took notice.

Whether they’re hunting, fishing, or goofing off, each episode concludes with the family praying around the dinner table. Seeing this brings a soothing warmth to my heart that the entertainment industry often rips away. Because of the prime example they set and the joy they provide, there’s no question that the Robertson clan will be occupying my television screen for years to come.


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