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Soli deo Gloria

  • Dream Date Gone Wrong

    Im sure at some point you have dreamed of a romantic evening with none other than…..your bed. Forget about a pretty girl or handsome guy, they are not worth the trouble. Why trade the comfort and relaxation of your own… Read More ›

  • Debt

    Lord without You I am nothing, I am hopeless, desperate and bare. Yet when You live within me, The Holy Spirit provides reason to care. The heartache that overruns me, is suddenly lifted from my soul. As I go from… Read More ›

  • My Angel

    Dear Guardian Angel, If you’re there the time is now. My strength can’t take me any farther, So I’d like to make a vow. To do whatever you tell me, Each night and every day. While I sit back in… Read More ›

  • Post-Op Session #1

      Today marked my first post-op physical therapy session. Because I have been through this twice before I went in knowing exactly what to expect. I thought this experience would be a great advantage but it turned out to be… Read More ›

  • “The Living Word”

    Three. The number of times I have had my ACL reconstructed. Three. The number of times I have looked at a future full of uncertainty and seemingly shattered dreams.¬†Once is bad luck, twice is unfortunate, but three times! Come on!… Read More ›

  • Gone Fishing

    Earlier today my buddy Kevin and I, along with my Father and Grandfather, embarked on one final fishing adventure before I get laid up for a while. So bright and early at 5 o’clock this morning we grabbed some coffee… Read More ›

  • Too Far Gone

    Way too old, too far gone. Wandering helplessly, lost for so long. Hope of being found, died amongst your dreams. What’s the point of trying, when no one hears you scream? Nobody even seems to care, for a lonely sinner… Read More ›

  • Leap of Faith

    God opened a door, but I refused to walk in. The door was closed so long, I didn’t know where to begin. Fear of the unknown, proved to be the greatest fear of all. It refused to let me take… Read More ›

  • The Trains Leavin’

    Bright lights, No ties. Packed stands, The will to survive. Win and move on, Lose and go home. Mistakes are made, Calls are blown. The stakes are high, So is the reward. It’s playoff time, Bandwagon fans hop on board.

  • Happy Mother’s Day

    I don’t know how to thank you, theres nothing I can do. To repay you for your goodness, and all the love your due. It would take me a lifetime and a half, to repay all my debts. So on… Read More ›