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Soli deo Gloria

  • Dreams

    My memory is failing, as I try to find my dreams. The harder I try the faster they flee, gone forever so it seems. Then there’s a flash, a glimmer of hope, as a foggy image returns. Somewhere in there… Read More ›

  • Charades

    Sweat drops from his brow, as the nervousness kicks in. What if all these people find out that it’s not really him? The guy they see on t.v., the one so handsome and strong, he’s really just a shy man… Read More ›

  • Close Call

    The devil tried to make me a deal, All he asked for was my soul. I questioned, “Is that all? There must be more, don’t you want some silver or gold?” He slyly replied, “No that’s it, I know the… Read More ›

  • Carpe Diem

    Carpe Diem. Seize the day. What does it really mean? Does it mean do your homework? Go to work? Or volunteer? No seizing the day is far simpler than that. To seize the day is to do everything to the… Read More ›

  • Man in the Mirror

    Rescue me! O Lord, These demons just won’t stop. Save me! O Lord, Have mercy before I drop. I am being attacked from every side, This enemy is so relentless. Violent blows from familiar faces, Like being touched by Judas’ kiss…. Read More ›

  • ME

    So I just started this blog and realized that so far it’s just a bunch of poems with no author. For the sake of those reading this, I thought I would say a little about myself so you all could… Read More ›

  • Where I Am Weak, You Are Strong

    Darkness falls, Light disappears. Suddenly your face, Doesn’t seem so near. I search but do not find, I scream but no one answers. Anguish, despair and heartache overtake me. I lose strength as I grow weaker and weaker. Just as… Read More ›


    Sunlight shining through the trees Feeling the gust of a cool autumn breeze. Waves crashing on the shore While dreaming of beasts from sailor’s lore. Mountains reflecting off a lake Something so beautiful it almost looks fake. No matter your… Read More ›


    FEAR… One word, four letters. Powerful enough to cripple a spirit, Strong enough to paralyze a soul. Fear of spiders, heights, or public speaking, All scary but none are really fear. True fear lies within, Evil, greed, pride, regret. Fear… Read More ›