Take the Lead

I fake a smile so they can’t see, the pain of distant memories. From a past I can’t forget, reminded by demons who just won’t quit.   I’ve tried to run but there’s no where to hide, so I lay… Read More ›


Bullets whistle through the air, making noisy a peaceful night. While arrows seeking flesh to tear, fill peaceful souls with fright.   No longer is life without a care, once you’re stricken by the sight. Of an image only satan… Read More ›

The Bully

Life is like a bully, who refuses to play fair. Scratching and clawing at every chance, to remind you he’s still there.   But you need no reminder, he is a foe you know just fine. From your brightest moments… Read More ›

Jesus Bring The Rain

My soul is parched, withered and dry, Jesus bring the rain. This heat is brutal, I’m about to fry, Jesus bring the rain. If this drought continues I will surely die, Jesus bring the rain. Your presence brings peace money… Read More ›

Power Surge

Pointing fingers all around, blaming others for my transgressions. Screaming at peers who don’t make a sound, seeking the source of my aggression. So I dive down deep within my soul, where my darkest of demons reside. The fear that… Read More ›

Broken Heart

Picking up the jagged pieces, of a heart shattered on the floor. Trying to mend it back together, so it will beat again once more.   What do you do when someone  special, just gives up and walks away? When the… Read More ›

Deja Vu

I flood my life with earthly pleasures, In an attempt to numb the pain. It fades away for a little while, But in the end it’s all the same.  The demons return to haunt my soul, Seeking to drive me… Read More ›

On The Run

Running fast, Running hard. Could run forever, But wouldn’t get far. Away from my problems, Away from the past. Life is a marathon, And I’m already gassed. My tank is on empty, The fuel lights on. My legs start to… Read More ›

War of the Worlds

There are two worlds calling my name, each begging me to return. The old one demands, “Come back to the world! I promise you won’t crash and burn!”   While the new one pleads, “Come with me. I promise to… Read More ›